Case Study The PermaDrain DS-8000

Drain Management Technology

PermaDrain provides an innovative solution to commercial kitchen facilities that virtually eliminates emergency plumbing expenses. The PermaDrain DrainShield line of products helps thousands of facilities keep their systems flowing on a daily basis. So when PermaDrain came to buildPl8 to produce their DS-8000 line of DrainShields, we knew were already dealing with an industry leader.

"The challenge of the DS-8000 was to build a durable product that would stand the test of a large commercial kitchen, while leveraging design and build techniques to create a good looking product in the sink. We achieved both with the DS-8000. Strength and rigidity along with a mirror top finish. Thats a real manufacturing partnership win!"

Gerry Libertelli, Founder, buildPl8 Manufacturing

Prototyping Process

We began with PermaDrain's design. A concentric design with intricate pass through chambers. It also had to support a lip in the exact diameter of the drain into which it was installed. This was an inescapable reqirement, so buildPl8 engineers calibrated and re-squared all printers involved in the process. Accuracy was of high importance.

After several prototyping attempts, we ended up with a build strategy for optimally printing the DS-8000. This was upside down on a glass build plate. This allowed for an extremely efficient use of our dissolvable support material as well as a mirror finish for the top layer.

Once we had the perfect build profile, we created an on-demand manufacturing disposition for PermaDrain. This is helping PermaDrain build just enough product to satisfy demand as they scale the DS-8000 into the marketplace. As customers order product, buildPl8 creates units and fulfills orders, sometimes faster than a contract distribution system. To handle overflow, we print extra units into inventory creating a "pad" level as needed.

Ultimately, the DS-8000 is a huge Additive win for both buildPl8 and PermaDrain. It gives PermaDrain the flexibility to slowly roll their product into customer drains, while controlling cash constraining inventory.