Now you can create product when a customer orders it on your eCommerce web site, or order short runs for any part you need for your business. You can even customize parts on the fly! Truly "Just in time " manufacturing for your business, only from buildPl8

Heres how it works.

  • Select plan to sign up for buildPl8 "Inventory Bot" Service (below)
  • Login to the buildPl8 Inventory Bot
  • Upload your printable files (.stl)
  • Attach Slicing instructions
  • Use the dashboard to queue models for printing, review post processing, and setup auto-ship sync with your eCommerce application..
buildPl8's "Inventory Bot" service can help you manage your inventory light years better than any stockng service. You print what you need when you need it. We make sure it gets to you or your client, and matches the quality you demand. It is something completely new, designed to help you compete in this ever changing business climate.

Inventory Bot Service

  • Store and Design Parts or Products

    buildPl8 will design (addl. charges may apply), configure for output, and store your on demand parts or products.

  • Reduced Rates on Output

    Enjoy discounted hourly output rates of up to 15%

  • 24/7 Support

    buildPl8 operators watch over all builds and ensure quality output. You are NEVER billed for failure re-runs at buildPl8.

  • Direct Access to the buildPl8 Factory Mesh

    Direct access to our Additive Factory via our custom software system. Manage orders and fulfilment operations too!!

  • Drop Ship Service

    As part of your Business Pro subscription, we drop ship items for you from our facilty! Just pay postage.

Coming Soon!