Saul Lurie loves his fiance Rebekah

Saul also loves riding his road bike. A team rider, Saul is passionate above all else. About a month ago, Saul had an idea. To ride a route, the shape of a heart, in tribute to his upcoming marraige to Rebekah. He did the 44 mile route and sent it to Remember the Route for a custom plaque.

"It just came to me one day. Why not ride a route the shape of a heart for my fiance. So I started riding, and bam! I got the heart done!"

Saul Lurie, Cyclist/Future Husband

Fast forward a couple days to Remember the Route's processing center. Inbound routes are processed into a plaque, and sent to the buildPl8 print architecture by engineers trained to get the best capture possible. buildPl8 production engineers noticed the heart shaped route as it was printing on one of our printers. buildPl8 online production Manager Ben Reytblat spotted it first, "I said, hey look, thats a heart printing out. Sure enough when it finished, it was a heart. I knew it was something special to someone.". Once buildPl8 management saw what the plaque was for, they emailed Mr. Lurie and confirmed it was indeed, a heart shaped route in tribute to his upcoming marraige to Rebekah.

"I think the thing about Remember the Route that impresses me the most is the level of personal attachment people have with their 3 dimensional route. Its like an earned work of art, unique to every runner, hiker, rider, climber, or skier."

Gerry Libertelli, Founder, buildPl8 Manufacturing

Saul and Rebekah will be married on Sunday, 3/22/2020. Remember the Route and buildPl8 Manufacturing wish them all the happiness in the world and suggest the next route be a set of entwined rings.
All the best Saul and Rebekah!!!!