On-Demand Additive Manufacturing Services

Make your inventory as you get orders!

buildPl8 was founded on the idea that Additive Manufacturing works best in an “On-Demand” format. In other words, we can make your part or product as you get orders. Eliminating inventory and passing that cash flow multiplier on to your bottom line. Make the buildPl8 cloud factory your On-Demand supply chain node and make those “out of stock” messages disappear.

"Make your part or product on-demand with buildPl8. It will change the way you look at manufacturing."

Russell Robillard, Founder, Permadrain

Why bother with big inventory and the budget choking requirements of Injection Molding? On-Demand manufacturing is a new way to look at producing your part or product. In most cases we can turn around on-demand orders in under 48 hours. Try us today! You wont be sorry.

See Additive Manufacturing In Action!

Check out the case study! We cover how we brought the PermaDrain DS-8000 into an Additive Manufacturing setup.

Scale into your inventory!

Example "Scale Up" Production Timeline

Prototyping Completion

Complete your prototype with buildPl8 Prototyping Services, and prepare for manufacturing.

First 50 Units

Additively produce your first 50 units for distribution to investors, distributors, and other "pre-sales" contacts.

First 100 Units

Sell online, and produce units as they are ordered with a pre-determined turnaround time.

Scale into 500 Units

Work with buildPl8 Project Control to produce units to support a 500 unit push. 50% on-demand, and 50% into remote inventory for drop shipping from buildPl8.

Low Pressure Injection Molding

buildPl8 stays with you into your first run of 1000 producing low pressure injection molds of your model via their Formlabs SLA production cluster.