buildPl8 Personal Protection Equipment

The Montana Mask - A reusable, easy to clean, protective mask.

buildPl8 is the New Jersey Coordinator for The Montana Mask, a national open source project created at The Billings Clinic in Montana. Its design has recently been approved by the FDA as a Stop Gap device, and it is the most widely made 3d printed mask. buildPl8 builds all of our Montana Masks exactly to the spec required by the national project and adjusts its production to reflect current state.

The Montana Mask

Extends your filter supply

Uses filter material in 2.5"X2.5" swatches. Extends your supply!

Heat Moldable

Easily molds to the contours of your face after 6 to 10 seconds in boiling water.

Delivered as a service by buildPl8

When you use a buildPl8 Montana Mask, we keep you in the loop with updates, support, and soon filtration!

Mask Management System for Healthcare Facilities and Indivudals

MaaS is a subscription based service that provides you with a custom fit, 3d printed protective mask. This mask can extend your existing supply of N95 material, or use custom filters designed for a specific task. Your end to end monthly subscription ensures you have the latest mask, configuration, and soon, the filtration you need to deliver sanitary services under any condition. Based on The Montana Mask, a ground breaking, 3d printed mask designed to make maximum use of any reasonable filtration available. MaaS ensures your staff is contunually protected using a battle proven solution.

buildPl8 has been responding to the need for PPE in our home state of New Jersey by making PPE for frontline healthcare workers and emergency responders. As we distributed our masks free of charge we found entire facilites without a safe plan for mask management.

Which is when we developed the concept of "Mask as a Service" (MaaS).

buildPl8 delivers the open source Montana Mask to facilities and stays with them, delivering support, upgrades as the national project evolves, and in the future, direct filtration designed to fit the mask. Because we have found that its not just the masks, its the management of the masks.