Design for Additive Manufacturing Services

If you build it on a 3d Printer, you have to design it for Additive.

Additive Manufacturing employs different geometries. You have to conceptualize how the part or product will print in a layer by layer way. Without this experience, many projects can fail in Additive. Trust the experts at buildPl8 to orient your project correctly from the beginning. We save you time and money with DFAM!

Design For Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) is a design discipline that takes into account the unique geometry and accuracy of the Additibe production equipment being used to produce the model. Things such as the "base face" and "angular build orientation" are all accounted for in DFAM. This means your model prints more accurately and true to form. It also means you save money in protoyping and production costs. DFAM gets us closer to a successful build in the design phase.

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