Rapid Prototyping

Your vision. Fast.

We know that prototyping has to start with a good prototyping process. That process has to enable you to get your thoughts and ideas through to the people who know how to make it real. Thats where buildPl8 Manufacturing really shines. We fuse a deep undertsanding of Additive technologies with engineering concepts and the design know how to get your vision from paper to plastic. Fast.

"buildPl8 was founded with the idea that building things should be done iteratively. As we do in software development. Real innovation only comes after intense iteration. Our process, enabled by Addittive Manufacturing, brings that to our clients in a very different and effective way."

Gerry Libertelli, Founder, buildPl8 Manufacturing.

Go from idea, to concept renderings, to reality. buildPl8 is expert at prototyping. Our iterative processes, derived from the software industry, ensure you get exactly what you want. In physical form. If you can build it on a 3d printer, we can make it for you at buildPl8. Combine that with our years of software and Arduino development experience and you can get some very powerful prototypes.

Designed for Fast Iteration

The buildPl8 Prototyping Process


If you don't already have a CAD designed model for 3d printing, we can help you make one in the Conceptualization phase. buildPl8 Project Management pairs you with the best in CAD design talent to create a model specific to your project and optimized for 3d printing. We embrace DFAM in every design we create.


Every prototype has a "burn in" phase where our expert 3d printing engineers design a procress for optimally printing your project. We run numerous iterations of your model to get just the right settings so we can print it consistently right, every time.


This is where the fun starts. We send you your prototypes. Meet with you about changes. Incorporate those changes into the design and configuration and produce your prototype again. Every Prototyping job we do has three iterations included, so you can take your time and get to the right result.


Once we have brought your vision to life. Its time to produce a short run. This is where buildPl8 really shines. Our facotory production process can move you right from prototyping to producing your first short run. Send them to investors, send them to potential clients. The sky is the limit. We can produce hudredes based on the prototype. Get to market fast with buildPl8!

Start Building Today!

buildPl8 can help you design, prototype, manufacture and extend your part or product!