On-demand manufacturing of thermoplastic parts and products.

is your way around off-shore manufacturing.

Maximize Cash Flow!

When there aren't any minimums, there is no need to carry inventory. This helps you maximize cash flow and move further, on less.

Fulfiling your orders in an on-demand fashion allows you to avoid the pitfalls of high inventory carry costs. The InventoryBot is ready to help finely tune your supply chain into a well oiled cash flow machiine!

eCommerce with no Inventory Carry

The InventoryBot API (available Summer 2018) allows real time access to the InventoryBot Factory Mesh of servers. Take orders from your web site and build product On Demand. We will ship it directly to your client.

Yes it is true. The InventoryBot API allows for zero inventory carry on products that can be produced Additively. Your free InventoryBot account can reveal a new world in which your product or part can be produced in runs that fit YOUR needs on YOUR schedule.

Route around Manufacturing Delays

The dredaded words of any project engineer...."I'm sorry, but there has been a manufacturing delay". Uttered most of the time when there is an unanticipated delay in the overall plan. This is never a fun conversation, nor is it necessary anymore.

InventoryBot can be your escape from manufacturing delays and problems in the supply chain. Make parts in short runs to get past delays. Create supplementary product on demand to insure agains time delays. Its on when you need it, and off when you dont.

Build Differently!

Sometimes a technology comes along that changes everything. At buildPl8, we beleive that this technology is 3d Printing, or Additive Manufacturing. While it can't solve all of the problems currently plaguing traditional manufacturing (yet), it CAN solve some of them right now.

Let us show you how to harness this amazing technology. You will be surprised at how far it can go and the things it can do for your bottom line. It is our mission to make sure that the name buildPl8 Manufacturing ensures that you get the best, most focused quality available.