On-Demand, short runs, drop shipped where you want, when you want.

On when you need it. Off when you dont.

Make Complex Parts!

With InventoryBot, you can create production factory runs made of many individual models to create a part. This makes it very easy to manage the creation of multi-part products, or part kits.

InventoryBot was designed for manufacturing. Its focus is to help you build what you need when you need it. Complex part management helps make that process incredibly easy.

Make as many (or little) as you want!

Manufacturing minimums. They just dont make sense for some businesses. They constrain the creative process and enforce draconian rules on it, creating problems with quality, timing, and output.

At buildPl8, our systems work without the need for retooling. Therefore the same machine that prints one part, can also print another product. This lets us bring you a manufacturing system withuot the constraints of minimum order runs. Of course, sometimes it just doesnt make sense to make One of something. But sometimes its that critical ability that makes you better than the competition.

3d Printing isn't for every part or product.

3d Printing can solve many problems in the manufacturing process, but it can't solve ALL of them (not yet, but we will absolutely let you know when it can). This is why it is important to select the right part or product.

As a guideline, it is best to make parts that are internal to a system, or products that do not require a high gloss finish. While high gloss is achievable with our new PolySmooth line of filaments, we find that from a manufacturing perspective, it is best to concentrate on elements internal to your product that can decrease weight, get around a manufacturing delay, or generally need to have correct manufacturing characteristics with a matte like finish.

Build Differently!

Sometimes a technology comes along that changes everything. At buildPl8, we beleive that this technology is 3d Printing, or Additive Manufacturing. While it can't solve all of the problems currently plaguing traditional manufacturing (yet), it CAN solve some of them right now.

Let us show you how to harness this amazing technology. You will be surprised at how far it can go and the things it can do for your bottom line. It is our mission to make sure that the name buildPl8 Manufacturing ensures that you get the best, most focused quality available.