Powerful Model Management, Complex Part Management, Auto-Shipped on Completion.

Powerful Model Management

With Additive Manufacturing (factory 3d printing), your part or product is boiled down to a 3d rendered model that needs to be "sliced". InventoryBot handles this for you and generates you a price estimate right on the spot!

Once we have your model stored, and sliced, you simply print what you need. 3d Printing can help you better manage how you get parts for your product. By timing when you need a part, and having it delivered at that time, you save money on invetory!

Complex Part Management

With InventoryBot, you can create production factory runs made of many individual models to create a part. This makes it very easy to manage the creation of multi-part products, or part kits.

InventoryBot was designed for manufacturing. Its focus is to help you build what you need when you need it. Complex part management helps make that process incredibly easy.

Drop Shipping On Completion

The true meaning of set it and forget it! Once you send your job to the factory, just set up shipping instructions and move on. InventoryBot will handle the rest!

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver. We aim to keep that trust going with good estimates and efficient and direct shipping. InventoryBot is always watching to make sure the process is complete.

Build Differently!

Sometimes a technology comes along that changes everything. At buildPl8, we beleive that this technology is 3d Printing, or Additive Manufacturing. While it can't solve all of the problems currently plaguing traditional manufacturing (yet), it CAN solve some of them right now.

Let us show you how to harness this amazing technology. You will be surprised at how far it can go and the things it can do for your bottom line. It is our mission to make sure that the name buildPl8 Manufacturing ensures that you get the best, most focused quality available.