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You can make almost anything here!

Promotional merchandise has come a long way. What used to be a few pens and a stress ball, has evolved into Shirts, Jackets, and even Furniture! Maintaining an edge, and continually providing promotional items that stand out can be hard, and if you work with vendors who service a broad range of clients, you can be assured you will be giving away what others are also giving away. It takes the “uniqueness” out of promotional merchandise doesn’t it?

buildPl8 “PromoPop” custom promotional item service can help. Now you can custom order 3d printed promotional items to suit your event and provide that one thing that has always been lacking in promotional items……relevance. Having an event to promote a skateboard? Why not give away 3d replicas of your product with custom promotional information engraved on them? The possibilities are endless, and available to you now with PromoPop!

Plain and simple, PromoPop is a service that lets you create your own promotional items. Now you can bring real relevance to your promotional work by creating promotional items that relate directly to your product or service. Selling skateboards? Make a skateboard keychain with your logo on it. The possibilites are endless.

  • Create - Work with buildPl8 designers to create your item. Use the PromoPop dashboard to stay in touch with the design as it progresses.
  • Proof - We give you 2 revision changes, so you can work with us to get it right.
  • Build - buildPl8 is a one stop shop! We can produce your promotional run in house and deliver to your time frame.

The Kristen Bednar Memorial Surf Camp for Children with Autism "Fidget Spinner"

We worked wth the Kristen Bednar Memorial Surf Camp for Children with Autism to design this "Wave" fidget spinner and case to give to every attendee of their 2017 surf camp.

Thank you for your interest in PromoPop! The "make almost anything a promo item" service. Please let us know some basic information below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!