How Our System Works

Our two part system keeps you flexible for any emergency situation. Re-use any filtration source independent of your supply chain.

The Platform

Mask Driver

The Mask Driver is a plastic, 3D Printed, reusable shell custom molded to fit your face with iMask. It is based on The Montana Mask, the revolutionary mask that protected hudreds of healthcare workers during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. It comes to you custom fit, based on your facial landmarks, ready for filtration and our JI-1500 filter insert system.

mask driver
Filtration Insert

The JI-1500

The JI-1500 is the MaaS Upgrade to the standard filtration insert square. It uses airflow to increase air volume down the filtration channel. Giving you a more comfortable breathing pattern. It is a two stage filter that use a 2"x2" patch of N95 (or equivalent) material in the cage, and a 2.5"X2.5" patch of Filti material as the sealer media. It comes to you ready for action. Just place the sealer material over the Mask Driver breathing hole, press the JI-1500 in to make a seal and you are off.

Filter Insert

Why use a MaaS Mask Driver?

Reusable Platform

The mask driver and JI-1500 can be fully sanitized and reused.

Extend and Conserve Filtration

A MaaS system can extend your filtration materials 4X during a crisis and help you control costs when there isn't.

Custom Fit

A plastic mask wont work if it isnt custom fit to your face. Forget heat molding with our iMask system. Just upload a selfie, tell us where everything is on you face, and get back a custom mask! Makes resupply a snap!

Filtration Marketplace

A mask isn't worth much if you can't get filtration. Thats why MaaS subscription members get access to a marketplace of filtration options for our system. All cut in perfect swatches to fit your mask driver and JI-1500.

Mask as a Service
Mask Management Platform

A custom fit mask, and everything required to operate it.

Online Replacements!

Need a replacement? The MaaS cloud application, iMask, can use your facial data to print you a new one immediately!

Access to Filtration

Don't have filtration? We got you! Access our Filtration Marketplace on iMask. MaaS has your back when the supply chain doesn't.



As your mask driver evolves, so do you. MaaS keeps you in the loop with mask upgrades, and additional features as they come! The mask is software, upgrade it regularly!

We Have Your Back

We have your back with support and regular updates about your mask driver. MaaS is your mask support system.

iMask Makes It Personal

Get a custom fit 3D printed mask, from a selfie!

iMask Makes It All Work

Custom Designed for YOU!

iMask is at the heart of MaaS. This ground breaking software lets anyone get a custom fit mask. Anytime, within 48 hours. Just upload a selfie and work with our software to design the perfect mask! With iMask, once you are a registerred user, we can send you mask driver updates as they happen, replace broken masks quickly, and stay up to date with your personal mask driver needs.


Our Team

We build software. Physical and virtual.

Dynamic CAD Development

Ben Reytblat

Senior Technologist and Entrepreneur (40 Years), Software, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, Product Mgmt

Gerry Libertelli

Founder, Web Application Development

Serial Entrepreneur, 2 transactions (IT Services). Past Technologist In Residence, General Catalyst (Boston MA). Founder, buildPl8 Manufacturing

David Medinets

Adaptive Visual Sizing and Measurement

Three-time author, Software SME, AWS SME, Big Data SME with 30+ Years Experience.

Our team is impressive. With the best from a multi-disciplinary background of software, CAD, and startup ingenuity.

Doctors Support Us!

We work closely with the medical community to provide a qualify Mask driver.

"I feel extremely well protected by the mask. In addition I do not need to worry about knowing that mask orders will arrive. It is simple to clean, and environmentally friendly. I am a big fan of the product."
Dr. Steven Lemberger
Centra State Hospital
"MaaS is the next novel step in allowing us to not only flatten the curve, but stay ahead of the curve. Moving forward, this is my current daily Mask Driver. "
Dr. Kevin Pineda DO
Morristown Medical Center
"Thanks to Mask as a Service, we now have enhanced capabilities to more safely face the uncertainties of close patient contact while systematic COVID testing remains unavailable. Your 3D masks have proved to be a godsend."
Dr. Richard Shoenfeld
The Access Center, West Orange NJ

No Matter Who You Are, MaaS Has You Covered

We are the perfect mask alternative for so many.

Never get caught without

Healthcare Facilities

Why wait for the supply chain to stop sending you masks? Make a firewall with MaaS Mask Drivers for every one of your staff. Having a Mask Driver for every staff member means you can control how your facility uses filtration material with a fine tooth comb. While NOT sacrificing a sterile environment.

Protect your staff!


The MaaS Mask Driver system provides your staff with a custom, reusable mask designed to protect them and those around them. Why fight through the fakes, endlessly buying disposable masks each month. Equip your team with MaaS Mask Driver systems and control how you spend to protect your company!

Protect Yourself!


You need a mask. You don't know if they will be available from week to week. Get a MaaS Mask Driver system. Its reusable, washable, and works to protect you with whatever filtration you can supply. Don't have access to filtration? Thats no problem. Pair your MaaS Mask Driver with a MaaS subscription and sign up for monthly filtration updates!

MaaS Pricing

You can purchase just a mask driver, a MaaS subscription, or an N+1 kit. Volume discounts available! Please email us for more information.

  • MaaS Mask Driver and Filtration Insert
  • Get a custom Mask Driver and filtration insert.
  • $59.95 per unit
  • 1 Custom Configured MaaS Mask Driver
  • 1 MaaS Filtration Insert
  • 5 Pre-Cut Swatches of "Filti" Material
  • MaaS Cloud Management Dashboard - Edit Your Mask, Buy Filtration, Get Support, Order Replacements.
  • Configuration Support
  • Make One Now!
  • MaaS N+1 Kit
  • The kit that works in the healthcare facilities we support. Everything you need to provide a flexible, reusable mask, in a sterile way. Every time.
  • $110.00 per unit
  • 2 MaaS Mask Drivers (One for use, one for sterilization)
  • 2 MaaS Filtration Inserts
  • 10 pre-cut swatches of "Filti" Material
  • MaaS Cloud Management Dashboard - Edit Your Mask, Buy Filtration, Get Support, Order Replacements.
  • Configuration Support
  • Preferred for Healthcare Facilities
  • Make One Now
  • Large Facility Support
  • MaaS creates the ultimate mask management program for your facility. Create mask profiles for every person on staff, and address each one directly with a MaaS monthly subscription. This plan lets us manage your masks for you. Providing filtration, mask drivers, and constant support.
  • Unit Prices as low as $99.95/N+1 Kit/Staff Member
  • A MaaS N+1 Mask Driver Kit for Every Staff Member
  • MaaS Filtration Inserts for Every Staff Member
  • Monthly Filtration Shipments Direct to Facility, or PreCut Direct to Staff Member
  • 24X7 Support
  • MaaS Cloud Management Dashboard - Edit Your Mask, Buy Filtration, Get Support, Order Replacements.
  • Automatic Upgrades, Automatic ReSupply
  • Signup

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Mask As A Service is both a cloud delivered application, and an additive manufacturing facility.

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